2nd Tanzania Pharma Healthcare Expo 2023 from 24 - 26 August is one of the popular Trade Exhibition organized in Tanzania.

The event which is held during the month of August 2023 is marketed by Bright Exhibitions, United Arab Emirates.

Tanzania is also a Member of Tripartite Free Trade Area comprising of COMESA, East African Community and Southern Africa Development Cooperation. This gives access to market of 140 million people comprising of East & Central Africa. It also acts as a gateway to South Sudan, Democratic Congo etc.

There is good opportunity for foreign investor to use the raw materials available in Tanzania and to convert them in to finished goods by bringing their Machinery and Technological know-how.

When the Raw materials turn in to good and in turn consume then it helps in creation of jobs and in-turn development.

The exhibition will be bringing international traders / manufacturers from various countries like Turkey, Oman, India, China UAE, Europe etc among many others.

The exhibition will help Tanzania and Tanzanians at large and will help to create awareness about the companies that can export to Tanzania genuine products and this can help reduce and/or curb down counterfeit products in the country.

It our sincere hope that through this fair, exhibitors shall get some reasonable mileage to enable them gain a foothold in the local as well as regional market.

We are organizing this trade fair to provide platform on which to show case and market products so as to gain market and business growth.

In this era of globalization and market integration, the companies with visibility in the market stand a higher chance of succeeding in the market.

Showcasing in Our Expo is one such platform on which our exhibitors can gain visibility.

Bright Exhibition, UAE will be ready to assist them in participating in the said exhibitions.

We can be reached as below for any queries or information:

+971 - 50 - 8721510

+971 - 6 - 5096127