10 Reasons To Attend Trade Fairs


This is a common scenario. There is an exhibition going on and many businessmen in the market are talking about it and some are preparing to visit. But you wonder whether in this day of internet and sites such as Alibaba.com, Globalsources.com. Is it necessary to visit trade fairs?

Should you take the time and spend the money to travel abroad?

Is the exhibition worth attending?

The answer is usually: YES!

Attending an exhibition can create significant opportunities for your business.  Agreed; there are many ways to look for products and suppliers, but trade fairs bring together thousands of international buyers and sellers in one place over a few days period and offer unique advantages as listed below.

10 Reasons To Attend Trade Fairs

1. Learn more about your products
You will see a large numbers of products at the same time, which you can evaluate and compare. You can also attend product demonstrations and gain in-depth information about the products.  This knowledge will also help you to decide which products to sell and which to discontinue. You will also gain valuable experience.


2. Learn About the market and industry

By talking to suppliers, you will get a comprehensive overview of the entire market and industry. By becoming more educated about your industry, you can better support your customers.


3.  See novelties. Trade fairs are places where large numbers of new products and services are launched. Innovate by being the first to launch one of those products or services in your own market.


4. Network. Trade fairs are great places to network and form new business relationships. Face-to-face contact with suppliers will allow your business to run more smoothly. You will even meet customers and competitors. Introduce yourself — everyone is wearing a badge and is there to talk business. By taking the initiative, you can promote yourself, your business and make valuable contacts.


5. Learn from your Supplier’s business

When speaking to suppliers, you will get new ideas and creative ways to support your own business.


6. Stay Competitive

Ensure that your current supplier is offering best price and quality by comparing with other suppliers.


7. Attend educational seminars.

On the sidelines of most exhibitions, there are speeches by important industry figures, workshops, seminars and panel discussions.  These are highly informative and beneficial. You will discover new ways of thinking about your business success.


8. Faster decision making. You will get answers immediately from suppliers since trade shows allow for easier and faster communication.


9. Look for specific products and services.

Some suppliers prefer not to advertise their products online. So for certain products, exhibitions are the only source of information.


10. The Human touch

Negotiations about price, quality, packaging, etc are more effective when done face to face.

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